I. Creation

Women in Poker Hall of Fame was founded on May 1, 2007 by Ladies International Poker Series – LIPS.

II. Mission Statement

The Women in Poker Hall of Fame is an association of poker players, poker industry professionals and other interested parties. We work to enhance awareness and celebrate contributions and achievements of women in poker as recognized and respected representatives and proponents of women in poker.

III. Meetings and Organizational Planning

The Women in Poker Hall of Fame will create and maintain the entity of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame. A volunteer Board shall be organized comprised of women poker players, women in the poker industry, and other interested parties.  Meetings shall be held annually and at such other times and locations as may be deemed appropriate. Additionally, the committee will oversee the nomination, election and induction of Hall of Fame candidates. Hosting the annual induction ceremony and celebration.

IV. Structure

This organization will maintain a Board of at least one representative from the sponsoring agencies and a minimum of three (3) other volunteers to serve for a minimum of three (3) years on the Board. Every three years, or when an committee vacancy takes place, the Board Chair will open the selection process to the Board members for recommendations.

V. Expenses

The expenses of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame will be a shared responsibility of the sponsoring agencies.